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Back Handspring Clinic

Tuesday, February 18th

7:30-8:30 pm

You'll be amazed at your child's progress and boost in confidence in such a short time. Our expert staff will begin with skill assessment and take your child through a multitude of drills and progressions to learn some of the most essential skills in gymnastics. 

Prerequisites apply.

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for our class


We offer multiple classes throughout the year. The TumbleKids program is professionally planned and educationally sound with an emphasis on basic gymnastics and movement skills. Our recreational gymnastics classes will introduce your child to a multitude of gymnastics skills from beginner through advanced. We plan each class according to skill level.

Are you looking for a fun, playful environment for your child's party? If so, then Kids Gym is the place to be! Our professional staff will provide you with fun, music, games and group activities geared toward their age group.


Kids Gym offers special, themed overnights for children first grade and above, field trips, lunch bunches, skill clinics, date nights, birthday parties, two fun meets, and summer camps.