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Safety Procedures
  • Child Pickup & Drop Off

  • You do not have to stay with your child during class, but please make sure we have your current emergency contact information on file. If you choose not to stay for the class, please walk your child into the building and then walk in to pick them up. For various safety reasons, your child will not be allowed to wait for you outside the building. For those in our 3-year-old classes we ask that you stay for the class in case your child needs to use the bathroom or otherwise requires your assistance. (Reminder only one adult per child in our waiting area)

  • Clothes & Hair

  • Girls may wear a leotard, biketard or a T-shirt and shorts for gymnastics. We recommend form fitting athletic attire. Boys may wear a T-shirt and shorts. Please do not have your gymnast wear a midriff showing shirt or two piece leotard. For safety, we do not allow socks, tights, hats, belts. Long hair must be pulled back in a ponytail, and jewelry (other than stud earrings) are not allowed.

  • Food and gum are not allowed in the gym

  • Please Drive with care in our parking lot and follow the directional arrows regarding entering and exiting.  

USA Gymnastics & Center for SafeSport Reporting Information

Designed for the parents of athletes of all ages, ‘Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport and Youth Athlete Training’ explains the issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience. Follow the link above and then use the search feature or browse the course catalog to begin this training.

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