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KGI program

KGI Program

Our KGI Team

KGI Team gymnasts showcase their strength, agility, and flexibility while working together to achieve a common goal.


Learn more about our Junior Olympic (J.O.) and Xcel programs below.


J.O. Compulsory

(Levels 1-5)

All Levels 1 through Pre-3 follow a non-competitive and achievement-oriented program. Once a gymnast reaches level 3, emphasis will be progressive in nature and build upon skills required at the previous level.

J.O. Optional

(Levels 6-10)

Optional Levels 6-10 provide competitive opportunities that go beyond the fundamentals and incorporate difficulty requirements, as well as composition.


The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable, competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program.

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For more information about KGI Team programs, please email Kerrie at


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"As a former employee and a friend of many parents whose children go to KGI, I can personally say it is a top tier gymnastics center. The coaches care deeply for their gymnasts and are mindful of setting appropriate goals for level advancement. Management is very involved in every aspect of the gym's functionality and is open to implementing new opportunities and challenges to their gymnasts, whether that be team, rec, or tumble kids! You will be hard-pressed to find another gymnastics center that treats their own like family the way KGI does. I hope everyone has an opportunity to work here or take their children here and experience the wonderful world of gymnastics at KGI!"

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