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Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics classes will introduce your child to a multitude of gymnastics skills from beginner through advanced. We plan each class according to skill level using a core group of basic gymnastics movements coupled with fun yet productive drills and activities. Our goal is for your child to learn not only gymnastics but to also learn to face challenges with confidence and pride.

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For boys and girls with little or no gymnastics experience. Must be 5.5 years old prior to start of the term and in Kindergarten. This class teaches basic gymnastics skills and terminology with a focus on developmentally appropriate skill building towards the Beginner or Advanced Beginner class.


For girls or boys with little to no gymnastics experience.  Emphasis will be on basic skills and terminology as well as building confidence and body awareness.  Mastering a minimum of two-star skills in this class advances the student to Advanced Beginner Level.

Advanced Beginner

For girls or boys who have mastered the progressions and star skills required and have teacher recommendation. Experience gained in Advanced Beginner class prepares the student for advancement to the Intermediate Level.


Teacher recommendation is required. This class is for students who have mastered all gymnastics skills and progressions at the Advanced Beginner level. The focus will be refining skills, body shapes, and techniques, along with introducing more advanced skills.

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(All Levels)

For girls, ages 10-14, with gymnastics experience of all levels. This class challenges students to learn skills at their own pace and focuses on proper progressions of those skills.


(All Levels)

For all levels  (6 yr and up) and experience. This class dives into the basics of Men's Gymnastics and allows for students to progress at their own pace on each event.


(ages 6-14 years)

For boys and girls ages 6 yr and up.  This class is a fun and exciting way to learn new skills while navigating obstacles.  Students are encouraged to use creativity in the way they approach obstacles to grow their confidence while having fun burning off tons of energy!

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Not sure which class is best for your child?

We’ll be happy to evaluate their skills and find the perfect placement for them!


gold stars

"We LOVE Kids Gym!!! My daughter has been a student there for several years. The teachers are ALL super supportive.  They never belittle kids if they struggle with a skill. Instead, they approach all their teachings with very positive attitudes.  I strongly recommend Kids Gym!"

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