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TumbleKids is a play-based gymnastics program for children ages 1-5.

TumbleKids has two primary goals:


To help each child grow through the joy of movement and the art of play.


To develop each child’s awareness, physical ability, and coordination.

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Why Join TumbleKids?

Our TumbleKids gym is a bright, kid-friendly gym with age-appropriate equipment and activities. The TumbleKids program is professionally planned and educationally sound, with an emphasis on basic gymnastics and movement skills. Our trained, experienced teachers give positive, caring instruction in these physical skills as well as encouraging children to develop cognitive and social skills. This approach helps prepare each child for involvement in all athletics including, of course, gymnastics!

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TumbleKids Classes


TumbleKids with Parent

(ages 1-2 years)

*Children MUST be 12 months BEFORE the beginning of the term*

This program is designed to guide you in helping your child reach his or her physical, mental, and emotional potential through the delightful medium of play. Come run, jump, roll, swing, and climb in a safe and fun environment!

TumbleKids with Parent

(ages 2.5-3.5 years)

*Children MUST be 2 years, 6 months BEFORE the beginning of the term*

This is a transition class where teachers and parents work together to introduce concepts such as taking turns, following directions, and working with others.


(ages 3-5 years)

*children must be 3 years old before the beginning of the term*

In this class, children will work more independently on advanced skills such as rolling, handstands, cartwheels, and more! Parents no longer participate but are welcome to watch from our viewing room.



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"My boys absolutely love Kids Gym tumble class!! Ms. Jody is absolutely amazing with the kids!"

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